Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

Therapeutic intervention is often very helpful for clients struggling with issues related to school functioning, peer relationships, family issues, and mood or behavioral symptoms. Our clinicians are compassionate individuals sensitive to child development and well-versed in neurocognitive functioning as it relates to real-world activities. Clinicians most often provide individual therapy to clients, but enlist the participation and support of family members and others in the process of treatment. We follow an evidence-based Best Practices model, which is the ‘preferred’ approach for mental health symptom treatment according to the American Psychiatric and American Psychological Association to treat symptoms of ADHD, Depression, Anxiety/OCD, and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Low fee and sliding scale therapy is available and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. <top>

Parenting Support

At Insight Collective, we know parents need support too.  Many concerned parents benefit from the opportunity to work with a psychologist who specializes in child development, family systems, and parenting. Navigating recommendations and implementing changes in parenting often requires continuous support. Dr. Ted Hutman works closely with our parents to foster the best possible developmental, educational, and mental health outcomes for their children. Dr. Hutman provides parents with strategies to reduce children’s emotional and behavioral challenges. He helps parents communicate with their children in ways that minimize conflict and bolster relationships. He works with couples to reconcile their points of view, to build an effective parenting alliance, and to promote a healthy family environment in which children can thrive. Additionally, Dr. Hutman provides psychotherapy for parents who are experiencing ambivalence, despair, frustration, anxiety, and anger in the face of a child’s struggles. <top>

Behavior Management and Skill Development

Successfully managing a child’s behavior is a science. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a treatment approach that is based on the principles of operant conditioning. ABA teaches functional skills in the natural environment and replaces undesirable or problem behaviors with more desirable or socially appropriate ones through positive or negative reinforcement. Insight Collective practitioner Chloe Willis is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and credentialed special education teacher. She develops and implements behavioral, communication and social skills targeting socially significant concerns in the home, school and community. Ms. Willis has extensive experience working with a wide range of developmental disorders. She implements a naturalistic approach to Applied Behavior Analysis. In addition to teaching children more functionally adaptive behaviors, ABA also focuses on training parents to recognize the role they play in their child’s behavior and to apply techniques to support their child’s growing repertoire of skills. <top>

Speech and Language

Language is an integral key in forming social relationships, sharing ideas effectively, and understanding the world around us.  It is also central to learning and success in academic skills such as reading and writing. Team members Dr. Briggs and Cathrine  Villagran  are delighted to work with children to improve their overall communication abilities. Their focus is helping children interact successfully with others, using social perspective talking skills to have conversations, and developing meaningful relationships. They specialize in working with a large age range, from birth to young adulthood. In addition to working with children who have language and communication challenges, Dr. Briggs also specializes in children who stutter. As with all of their work, the emphasis is on prevention and collaborating with families and other professionals. <top>

Educational Therapists and Learning Specialists

At Insight Collective, we believe that every child can be successful at school. Led by educational therapist Matthew Hayutin, our certified educational therapists and reading and math specialists work individually with students with a wide range of diagnosed learning disabilities. Trained to read the results of comprehensive assessments, they implement specific educational recommendations and academic remediation plans. Educational therapists and specialists are also skilled in advocating for students with special needs by communicating with faculty, administrators, and colleagues when appropriate. While some educational therapists and specialists focus on teaching reading, others specialize in written expression and math. At every level of intervention, our educational therapists and specialists incorporate executive function skill building and study skills. <top>

Executive Functioning Coaches

Executive functioning skills are integral to academic success. We’ve designed a program focusing on developing systems, habits and lifelong skills for all ages in the essential areas of time and task management, planning and organization, prioritization, and the successful execution of goals. Our executive function coaches empower individuals to become autonomous self-advocates with the tools to initiate tasks and break down larger goals into manageable deliverables. With a few key protocols in place, we customize individualized skill building programs with clear goals and metrics for success. Many of our coaches also provide academic tutoring, test prep and independent study support. <top>