Insight Assessment

The Insight Collective is a unique resource for parents as it brings together some of the most experienced clinicians across multiple disciplines to provide a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan in one convenient location.




The first phase of this assessment begins with a comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluation. As part of an evaluation, parents or the concerned parties are asked to come in for an Intake Session. During the Intake session, the specific referral question will be identified, and a detailed developmental history will be documented.  

A consultation recommendation will be made during the Intake session if one of the following criteria are met:

  • It is believed that an Insight Collective member would provide meaningful information to the evaluation regarding diagnosis and or treatment planning or educational placement.
  • The client was referred specifically for a Transdisciplinary Evaluation (see box).

  • Previous assessments have been conducted without meaningful or timely treatment outcomes.

  • Previous evaluations have not resulted in an identifiable diagnosis or treatment plan.


Once an assessment plan has been agreed upon, testing will be scheduled and identified Insight Collective members will be notified.


Prior to the end of the Intake session, parents or responsible parties are asked to sign an Evaluation Consent.

A separate consent is signed which allows the temporary and secure Audio/Video recoding during the assessment. This allows the examiner to capture elements of testing which would be meaningful to an Insight Collective consultant.

  Examples include unusual speech elements, motor tics, saccadic eye movements, fine or gross motor behaviors, tantrums or outbursts, oral reading errors, pencil grip, etc.

Feedback Session

After testing has been completed, parents will be asked to participate in a Feedback session to discuss the findings and treatment recommendations. This session will incorporate recommendations from Insight consultants.

Assignment of Facilitator

After the conclusion of the Feedback session, the family will be assigned a facilitator. This individual will provide additional support to the family and make sure that they understand how to implement treatment recommendations.  

Follow-up Evaluation

A follow-up evaluation may be scheduled to ensure that the evidence-based treatment recommendations are resulting in the predicted outcomes.

Dr. Boxer also provides targeted assessments through his private practice.